Powerboat Training

RYA Powerboat Intermediate - from £275 per person

This 2 day course is perfect for those powerboaters who have successfully completed the RYA Powerboat Level 2 and want to further their powerboat skills and qualifications.

The aim of the course is to teach powerboating up to the standard required to complete a short coastal passage by day as well as allowing participants to see the level required for the RYA Powerboat Advanced course

Participants should have a knowledge of navigation, true and magnetic bearings, bearings and distance, chart symbols, tidal diamonds and tidal streams, use of pilot books, positions lines, use of marina locks – however this will all be revised during the 2 days

We will also cover an understanding of longitude and latitude, the principles of GPS, as well as looking at sources of weather forecast information and how we interpret the forecasts.

During our shore based sessions we will look at:

  • Use a plotting instrument and plot a course to steer (CTS).
  • Work out tidal heights for standard ports using a tidal curve.
  • Interpret buoyage.
  • Interpret specific IRPCS.
  • Use GPS waypoint navigation.
  • Be able to use a laminated chart afloat.
  • Use pilotage to enter an unfamiliar port by day.
  • Explain how to make a VHF emergency call.


The aim of the practical session is to put into practice the theory covered in the shore based session and ultimately completing a short coastal passage. You will have an understanding of the importance of boat preparation, boat handling, passage planning, as well as practical pilotage and man overboard in perhaps more demanding conditions than you are used to


  • Day 1
  • Day 2

This Course available only from Menai Bridge

We have two training classrooms, one in Conwy and one in Menai Bridge. Courses are number dependent therefore if we have to swap the location of the course to suit tides/weather/numbers then this is part of the condition of booking. We will however do our best to keep the booking as booked.

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